A mission is the combination of a map, objectives, scripted sequences, etc.

Some notes about the syntaxEdit

MIS files are structured like this:

keyword [
  keyword [
    keyword value
  • keywords usually start with a period (like .XYZ)
  • comments start with the number sign # everything from this sign to the end of the line will be ignored
  • keywords, braces and values must be separated by at least one whitespace (common error source!!)
  • these are the whitespaces: Space, Horizontal Tab, New Line, Carriage Return; [ \t\r\n]

the example from above can also be structured like this:

keyword [ keyword [ keyword value ] ]

and even this variant is valid:

 [  keyword   [    keyword   
value ]    
  • the order of the keywords usually doesn't matter, the following scripts are equal:
  .XYZ [ 4026 692 0 ]
  .XYZ [ 4026 692 0 ]


Mission file (.MIS)Edit

.FASE0000 mission identifier (usually .FASExxxx, where x = 0-9; BCD: .MISSION)

Property Type Description
.DATOSFICHEROSMISION files mission files object Mission files:
Property Type Description
.INTROSCRIPT file name Briefing file.
.SECTORES file name sector file, 3D representation of the map.
.VOLUMENES file name position of all static objects (bounding box and sprites).
.ESTATICODINAMICOS file name additional static objects, way-blocking.
.BOXTOOLTIP file name tooltip (box) file.
.POLYSELECCION file name tooltip (polygon) file.
.TEXTOSMISSION file name additional text strings
.WADMAP file name WAD file (use only if WAD is different from mission identifier).
.DIRECTORIOFICHEROS file name unnecessary
.WADSPRITES file name unnecessary
.BRIEFING notes Briefing notes.
.SENSORES_SND_ZONA ? trigger event if enemy hears a sound in a certain zone.
.SENSORES_EXP_ZONA ? trigger event if enemy spots a Commando in a certain zone.
.MAP? small overview map.
.WATER? water parameters.
.INTENDENCIA? load mission-specific code from EXE.
.INTENDENCIAINFO? mission control (objectives, escape vehicle, ...).
.XY? initial screen position.
.PATRULLAS patrols See Commandos/Patrols.
.ELEMENTOS? all dynamic objects (Commandos, enemies, items, triggers, ...). See ELEMENTOS.
.INTERFACE? the Commandos' portraits and backbags.
.TRIPLINES? event triggers.
.TIPOTERRENO? terrain type, affects the view cones (0=default=green, 1=desert=orange).
.CASASFUERTES? structures cannot be destroyed with a barrel but with a bomb.
.AUTOEXPCASAS? automatic explosions.
.CHISPAS? sparks.


Property Type Description
.Commandos/BICHOALIADO The commandos.
.BANPE, BAP Standing Guard, Patrolling Guard.
.Commandos/UNIFORME German Uniform (can be picked up by the spy).
.Commandos/ZODIAC Inflatable Raft (can be picked up by the diver)
.parked vehicles
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